Cloud 9 Musica Keyboard

Cloud 9 Musica offers bespoke one to one
'tailored to suit' beginners electronic keyboard lessons. 
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Get Reading

From day one you will learn to read music. 'Reading the dots'. We will cover 3 beginner's books to get you playing and reading to a basic level and then moving on to covering genres such as pop, disco, swing, blues, waltzes and so much more 

Get  in Control

The electronic keyboard is not just about playing, it's about performing. The arrangements, voices & the set up play a large part in the construction of playing this instrument correctly

Get Grading

We follow the 'Trinity College of London' syllabus if you decide to take grades
Taking grades (apart from learning some cracking songs) also furthers your musical theory in understanding why things 'do what they do',  but in a really fun way!

Get Connected

Most electronic keyboards come with midi/USB. This enables you to connect with a PC. This opens up a whole new world of music development. Enabling playing, programming & recording

Get Song Writing

Want to write songs, or have already written a song. Want to record it, maybe with vocals. We can help you with that too