Cloud 9 Musica Guitar

Cloud 9 offers both electric & acousitic one to one guitar lessons. Lessons are charged at £30 per hour & booked as either 30 minute or 1 hour slots.
See further information below.


Coming Soon to the Holsworthy Area

Cloud 9 Musica is re-locating to Devon from Oxfordshire-Look out for when we go live or contact now for advance information

Get Strumming

If you are a beginner you will learn how to correctly tune a guitar, how to strum and master basic open chords Then we will move to power chords, progressing onto bar chords, & reading TAB etc..
We will advise on purchasing the correct type of guitar for you

Get  Picking

If acoustic is more your bag, then learn how to pick the strings beginning with simple chords and progress at your own pace
On both acoustic & electric, you will learn the important scales, but in a fun way to enable you to 'jam' along to backing tracks, or with other musicians.
Scales can actually be fun

Get in the Swing

There is never any pressure to take grades if that doesn't float your boat...Learn 'Just for Fun'.
For instance, we will always try to cover your favourite artists to inspire to practice

Get Grading

If you want to take your grades, we follow the exciting & innovative Trinity 'Rock & Pop' syllabus.
You will cover artists such as Nivana, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles, to name but a few
We have never had a failure as we are able to judge when it is right that you should take an exam.
Age between 8-80?..Have a go!

Get Song Writing

Want to write songs, or have already written a song. Want to record it, maybe with Drums, Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals. We can help you with that.

Get a Glimpse (click above)

Click the logo above to view a short video made by 'Trinity Rock & Pop' demonstrating 20th Century Boy, taken from the current initial grade