Cloud 9 Showcase Gallery

Listen below to some of our very talented artists/ musicians who have worked with us at Cloud 9 Musica

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The extremely talented vocalist Jenna Kyle recording her own composition 'Tonight'. Musical arrangement was recorded by Des Frater at Cloud 9 for her. This song formed part of Jenna's assignment towards her very successful music college course. Jenna will go on to do a degree next year.

Always Think Twice 

Jamie Felton with an original composition. Jamie is currently studying for a song writing degree at ACM. We have known him for a long time and have been working with him since he was 12. He is an amazingly talented musician who has been gigging on the local scene forever and he has written some cracking songs so watch this space ......

Forget Their Watching

Hannah Clapham is a sucessful local musican who has appeard on BBC Radio Oxford and has played numerous prestigious gigs including the O2 Oxford. She worked with Des on her recent EP and she will begin a degree at ACM in September.. Here she is with an original composition entitled Forget Their Watching.

Blues Improvisation

Listen to William Kirby improvising in the key of B minor over a blues backing track. William is currently taking his grades 4 and 5 and is becoming a very accomplished musician

People Help the People 

Covered here by Ellie Tagg. Ellie has been having vocal lessons with Amanda for the last couple of years and has a gorgeous voice. She has studied drama at GCSE and we hope she will go on to use her voice along side her drama or perhaps join a band!

Like a Star

Covered here by Laura Boyle. Laura is one of Amanda's vocal students currently studying GCSE music. She will go on to study performing arts at college next year. She is an an amazingly versatile vocalist who should go far.

On my own

Covered here by Taryne Chattey, Taryne is another one of Amanda's really promising students. At only 12 years old she is able to handle this very challenging song from Les Miserables.